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"I had my first distance Reiki session with Alain last weekend given the current state of things and the results were remarkable! Alain is also my Reiki Master of several years and I get massages from him about every 6 weeks or so, as well as insights and instruction ...  so this review is long overdue! 


When the session started I felt my crown chakra buzzing with energy as it usually does when I do Reiki on myself. However, the intensity was greater.  My breathing slowed and deepened during the first 10 minutes.  The tightness and heaviness I had been feeling in my chest loosened.  I felt connected to him and to the source, a loving healing light, and energy.  It now felt very good to breathe deeply and a sense of serenity overtook me.  During the next 10 minutes, he focused on my lower chakras and I could feel my lower back, knees, and feet become warmer and also a little looser.  Perhaps the most powerful results occurred after the session was over.  I was able to play tennis with my friend for 3 hours with no aches and pains which is usually not the case.  I typically do not play for 3 hours either.  I was not exhausted or hurting after our workout .. and yes, we sanitize before and after we hit well over 6 feet away lol.  


I feel lucky to know and get treatments like this from Alain.  He is a kind, thoughtful, and an attuned man with startling healing abilities.  I am fortunate that he has passed some of it on to me as I continue my own Reiki practices, healing, and spiritual work.  I'm looking forward to my next distance session!" 


Eliseo Amezcua, Psychologist


"I have been a regular client of Alain's for monthly massage treatments for over a decade. He is an extremely gifted and highly trained masseuse. A number of factors contribute to the high quality of his treatments, one of which is his ability to listen to a client's requests. From my decade long experience of treatments by Alain, I know that he repeatedly checks in to determine comfort and ensure that he is providing what was requested.

As a clinical psychologist, I can comfortably rely on my experience of knowing Alain for nearly a decade and without question can vouch for the integrity of his professional manner."

Kiana Keihani, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"Alain has unique awareness of the entire body. His various healing techniques, coupled with strong intuition and a nurturing nature, enable him to address a wide range of injuries, aches, discomfort and lack of flexibility.
Following surgery on my neck two years earlier, I continued to experience lingering pain and seriously compromised range of motion...even after extensive physical therapy and many massages. At the recommendation of a health care professional, I reached out to Alain. After a few sessions with Alain, the pain decreased considerably and the range of motion in my neck increased dramatically. Several sessions later the pain in my neck disappeared.
While my neck has been the focal point of the massages, Alain has also been very effective in resolving various nagging injuries resulting from the often-misguided athletic pursuits of this middle-aged man."

Sean Burns, Tennis Coach


"The best and only masseur for me. No one else heals your whole being. Amazing hands and technique." 

Sara Rizor-Black, Retired U.S. Probation Officer at Federal Judiciary


 "Alain is an amazing Massage Therapist! He has a very clear and detailed insight into the physical and spiritual healing processes of the human body... I received a massage session from Alain, and I was amazed at the physical balance my body experienced. The energy work that you receive during the massage session is excellent. I recommend his work to everyone who is in need of a professional and detailed massage... Bravo Alain!!!" 

 Edward Franklin, Artistic Director of Flick Contemporary Dance Theater 


 "Alain is a dear friend and a man of amazing skills. His healing touch and deep understanding of body physics and massage make the experience amazing. One of the few masseurs I had the chance to achieve such great result and relaxation. Great connection and satisfaction!" 

 Moisés Nascimento, Director, Database Services at BillMeLater/Ebay 


"A warm, sure touch and seamlessly combined elements from various traditions including an unusual and beautiful use of singing, vibrating Tibetan prayer bowls, resulting in a soothed heart and happy body. Alain has a real gift for healing"

Miranda Heathers, Independent Fine Art Professional


"Very relaxing...A spiritual experience."

 Claudia Newberry, Owner at Claudia Newberry Music Instruction 


 "For as long as I've know Alain Stora, he has been a caring, nurturing, and giving massage therapist. He truly loves his profession and only wants to heal and do what's best for his client... I highly recommend his massage therapy services." 

Arthur Calandrelli, Dance Instructor   


"Alain's complete commitment to healing, along with skill, experience, and intuition, makes him a unique massage therapist. Pain and tension are replaced with a lasting sense of lightness and freedom."

 Diane Jarmolow,  Founder at Ballroom Dance Teachers College 





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